The longest and the most auspicious festival in hindu’s is navratri. The term is made up of two words called nav- means nine and ratri means nights. The speciality of this festival is this that it comes twice in the year. On this auspicious occasion maa durga , bahdrakali, jagdamba, anapurna, sarvamangla, bharavi, chandika, lalita,


A festival of love India, the land of festival and culture is uprooted with the torrent of festivals with their own significance and legends, some festivals are marked with change of seasons like maha sakranti, one such festival is sharad purnima, which marks the end of monsoon and ushers the season of autumn. A festival


The festival of tamils. The festival of india are not only vibrant but has a great cultural significance. The festival of lights, colours happiness, love and purity makes us one. One such festival is thai pongal , a festival of harvest a festival of thanks giving, bringing all the people together to make merry. A


A festival of true love and responsibility of sister and brother. BHAIDOOJH a festival of love showcasing ethereal bond between sister to brother. Sister’s pray for a happy and healthy life for their brothers. It is also known as bahoo beej. It is the most awaited happy festival of india. It is celebrated after the


This is also called dhanwantri, triodasi, dhantryodashi. Dhan means “wealth” and triyodashi means “ the thirteentj day”. An auspicious festival marks the beginning of the very famous festival of lights , the first day of celebration of diwali. It is marked as the beginning of the good times in hindus. According to Indian mythology,laxmi pooja


In Sanskrit it means movement of sun from one zodiac sign to another. It represents the period of happiness, illumination and affluence. A major harvest festival to the land of festivals, india. It is celebrated on the day of fourteen of January every year with great enthusiasm. Traditionally this festival signify that the length of


Triumph of good over evil. A cultural festival of india which has a deep admiration in the lives of Hindus. A festival of faith, a festival of light over darkness. This festival is also called Vishyadasmi or maha navmi, the longest and the most auspicious festival in hindu’s is navratri. The term is made up


Muharram is the first month of Islaamic calendar. The holy month of muharram is of great gravity to the people of Islam as it marks to the beginning of the first month according to the Islamic calendar. It is also commemorated to remember the brutal assisination of hazrat imam hussain ali and his supporters at


The festival of joy, the Arabic name of eid-al-fitar translates to festival of breaking of the fast . this most important festival of Muslims marks the end of Ramdan’s fasting. Ramdan is one of the most pious month in the in Islamic calendar, it marks as the ninth month and the it means burning scorching


India, a land of festival and faith, a magical country in the world where ancient  rituals still exists and followed religiously. One such festival of faith is ‘Chath’, a festival of profound faith in lord sun and his beloved wife Usha. A great Hindu festival which is predominantly celebrated in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Nepal